PH 7 1 Nerf Parties

We provide enough gear for up to a 28 person nerf war. Each player will receive their battle gear including: nerf blaster, ammo, team vest, and safety goggles.


PH 91 1 Nerf Parties

Turn your backyard into a battlefield with our inflatable nerf bunkers! Our commercial-grade bunkers are durable and moveable so that you can customize any area into a fun setting. After the battle, sit back and relax while we clean it all up!


PH 261 1 Nerf Parties

Keep your party guests entertained with over 20 game types to choose from – capture the flag, team battle, freeze tag, medic, and battle royale just to name a few! Our battle captain will officiate the games to make sure everyone is safe and has fun.


Check out this snippet from one of our EPIC Nerf Battle Events here!

Special Terms & Conditions

  • Safety is the most important consideration in a Nerf war! All safety rules should be followed diligently for everyone to have a good time. Participant waivers are required before playing.

  • No physical contact (hitting, kicking, pushing, pulling, wrestling, or physical attacking).

  • No jumping or climbing on inflatable barriers.

  • No intentional face shots.

  • Always wear eye protection.

  • No melee weapons, water guns, or other toys allowed – only Nerf blasters.

    • BYOB (bring your own blaster) is allowed as long as your Nerf blaster is not modified.

  • Play with honor!

  • If you hear a whistle, stop and listen!

  • Follow all rules set by the Party Hats Battle Host.

  • Players are to remain in the battlefield that the Battle Host designates. Keep all darts within the field as best as you can! Do not throw or waste darts. After the party, our team will clean everything to the best of our ability.

  • Have your own idea for a party? We’re always willing to custom build a battle as long as it is safe for everyone!

  • Battles can also be held at public parks. Please visit our insurance page for more info on hosting in public settings.

  • Please visit our FAQ page for answers to other common questions.