Setup Requirements


1 outlet with 20 AMP power


Grass, concrete, asphalt, wood deck, indoor (with proper clearance)


Castle – 17’L x 17’W x 16’H

AVENGERS – 19’L x 17’W x 16’H

Slide Combos – 25’L x 17’W x 16’H

Water Slides – 27’L x 10’W x 15’H

Obstacle Course – 40’L x 10’6”W x 10’4.5” H

Nerf Battles – no specific space required. The more space the better!


Bounce Houses – 6 participants at a time. Riders must be 36” tall & 60” max.

Slide Combos – 6 or 7 (depending on unit) participants at a time. Riders must be 32” tall & 60” max.

Water Slides – 1 participant at a time. Riders must be 36” tall & 65” max.

Obstacle Course – 2 participants at a time. Riders must be 34” tall.

Nerf Battles – participants must be at least 6 years old with parental/guardian consent. No age limit or height requirement!


  1. Check space required

    • If you are unsure if your event location has ample space for the inflatable, give us a call!

    • Please make sure there are no power/utility lines above or below the inflatable setup area. Give your utility company a call if you’re not sure where these lines are located.

    • It is the renters responsibility to ensure the desired area is safe and permissible BEFORE booking our services. If we determine that the desired set up area is not safe or permissible upon arrival, Party Hats Entertainment reserves the right to cancel the order without a refund.

  2. Check electricity required

    • If setup location is more than 25 feet away from the closest electrical outlet just let us know so we can bring an extension cord for you.

    • All products (inflatables, nerf parties, and concession machines) require a 15 amp dedicated circuit.

  3. Check path to setup location

    • A maximum of 5 steps are allowed for all inflatables.

  4. Have the setup location cleared and ready

    • Be sure to clear any debris, dog poop, or other objects that could obstruct the inflatable setup.

  5. Have fun!